5 Steps to Happy Feet!

  1. Clean, dry socks – every day! Bacteria, viruses, and fungi love to soak and grow in warm, moist environments. To help and avoid toenail fungus and athlete’s foot, make sure to change out your socks at least daily and even more often if you have a tendency to sweat more often (particularly with sports!)

 2. Cut toenails STRAIGHT across and avoid attempting to take care of your own ingrown toenails – you will make it worse. See your podiatrist!

 3. Wear arch supportive shoes, always! Your feet will thank you in the long run. This holds true, even while you’re at home!

 4. Preventative checkups are especially important for diabetics, patient with peripheral vascular disease, and patients with neuropathy. Most insurances will cover preventative checkups!

 5. Exercise! Walking is a great activity to keep circulation healthy. If you notice swelling to your legs, see your podiatrist. This may be a sign of underlying vein issues.

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